Ep. 5. The Bitcoin Fork and Bitcoin Cash

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Ep. 5. The Bitcoin Fork and Bitcoin Cash

This week we talk Bitcoin cash, BTC-e, Ethereum miners charting jumbo jets, and we hear from 3 fantastic guests.

In another packed episode Simon and Colin discuss the latest news in the industry including the arrest of Alexander Vinnik and seizure of Bitcoin exchange BTC-e; Ethereum miners chartering jumbo jets and of course the Bitcoin split - and we have a comment from crypto expert Chris Burniske to get his take on what just happened and what the impact of the split will be.

We also have two fantastic interviews, starting with Dr Gideon Greenspan who’s behind Multichain and Coinsciences and Reto Trinkler, CEO of of MelonPort about the Melon Protocol.

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Special Guests: Chris Burniske, Gideon Greenspan, and Reto Trinkler.