49. Live from Money20/20 Europe: Interviews With Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Brad Zastrow from Dash

31min listen

Blockchain Insider comes to you Live from Money20/20 this week! We also have awesome interviews with not one but two Brads: Brad Garlighouse, CEO of Ripple and Brad Zastrow Global Head of Business Development of the Dash Core.

We kick things off with the Blockchain portion of our live show from the Arena Stage, by talking cargo on a blockchain! Can companies revolutionise their shipping systems by utilising the technology? Find out what the team had to think about the Maersk x IBM pilot! Are we just doing old things using new technology?

Next up, Binance announce a $1 billion investment fund! A drop in the ocean for them, but find out what our great panel think about the massive margins Binance work with, and what their future looks like.

We then on go to discuss the future of tokenisation, how much money is still being raised by ICO's, regulators and much, much more.

That's not all though folks, Brad Garlinghouse joined Simon Taylor to talk all about Ripple, XRP, xRapid, xCurrent, decentralisation and so much more. This interview has already got thousands of hits on YouTube- it's a great interview!

But wait, there's more....Simon also talked to Brad Zastrow, Global Head of Business Development of the Dash Core group! We're really spoiling listeners on today's show!

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Special Guests: Brad Garlinghouse, Brad Zastrow, David M. Brear , Jeff Tijssen, and Sam Maule.