48. Tokenising the World, Bitcoin Price Probe and EOS Security Issues

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On today's show Simon Taylor's back in town joined by Co-host Sara Feenan and wonderful guest Teana Baker-Taylor (no relation of course) to bring you this week's hottest blockchain and crypto news.

First up, the US launch a probe into Bitcoin price manipulation (shock). Spoofing and fake buy/sell orders among a flurry of other illegal practices are what the justice department are focusing on. A long time coming some would say...

Next up, tokenisation, tokenisation, tokenisation. IHS Markit, the market infrastructure giant, is developing a new blockchain-based system to handle the payments leg of syndicated loan trading – and eventually, a wider range of financial transactions. Is this one of the first steps in tokenising the world?

Many argue that custody is what's stopping institutions from fully submerging themselves into the crypto world, and BitGo are trying to build their own digital asset custodian!The startup said Thursday that it was "seeking a charter to build BitGo Trust," a "new, regulated, qualified custodian" that will be built specifically for digital assets. Interesting stuff indeed...

Next, the team discuss the link between the blockchain & crypto world and financial inclusivity. How can we help the unbanked bridge the gap between themselves and mainstream the mainstream financial world? Well 5 Philippines’ Banks are going to Pilot Ethereum-based Blockchain for Retail Payments! The team discuss the drawbacks, but also what incredibly positive implications this pilot could have.

You may have heard a lot about GDPR recently, and there's been a lot of debate as to how blockchain is 'compliant' to the new set of regulations and our team continue said debate; is it a threat or an incentive?

Next up, highly popular crypto EOS may be in trouble....Chinese cyber-security mogul 360 Total Security has identified a series of “epic” security vulnerabilities in the EOS network that has put it's mainnet launch into question.

Code for tokens was the next story covered, as the startup behind Zk-Starks Tech Seek Cryptocurrencies as customers. Rather than doing an ICO, the guys behind ZK-Starks are offering up their novel technology to blockchains in return for their native asset.

Lastly, we talk about blockchain going 'green'. Lot's has been made of the consumption of energy when it comes to mining, but we take a look at an article that discusses just how blockchain can have a positive impact on the environment!

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Special Guest: Teana Baker-Taylor.