41. Twitter Blocks Bitcoin, Monero Splits Opinion & is Ripple a Security

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Simon and Colin pick out the latest in blockchain news. Looking at what’s happening to Bitcoin’s twitter turkey, is Ripple a security, and Soros surging into cryptocurrency. We also have an interview with Tim Swanson, George Wolfson, and John Collins when Colin met them at the Deconomy conference.

Bitcoin’s twitter account got hacked, causing yet another Internet-wide discussion on the death of free speech. It split the community and Colin clues us in on why both sides of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash think they’re right.

Coinbase launch their early stage venture fund to a great deal of excitement, surprising given all the noise around ICOs. The exchange is planning to invest off its own balance sheet into companies it likes.

It’s been a bad week for crypto exchanges with the Japanese regulator suspending two over failing KYC procedures and four high ranking executives have been arrested by South Korean police including CEO of South Korean exchange Coinnest in relation to billions of won embezzled from client accounts into their own.

India bans regulated entities from entertaining virtual currencies. The central bank gave a deadline of 3 months to unwind from positions related to cryptocurrencies. Instead the regulator is planning to push blockchain in financial services to improve transparency.

R3’s Research Director thinks that Central Bank digital currency could go live this year but warns that central banks will need to diversity their systems.

Monero makes movements by splitting into four different crypto currencies and is XRP a security? Colin and Simon unpack the major debates on Ripple.

All this and much much more on this week’s episode of Blockchain Insider.

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Special Guests: Greg Wolfson, John Collins, and Tim Swanson.