Ep. 40. Dodgy Words from Binance, Vitalik Buterin Savages Faketoshi and Bluezelle's CEO Pavel Bains

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Ep. 40. Dodgy Words from Binance, Vitalik Buterin Savages Faketoshi and Bluezelle's CEO Pavel Bains

Simon and Sara hash out the latest in blockchain news. Whether it’s dodgy words coming from binance or Buterin’s incredible take down of a supposed Satoshi, they’re examining what’s going on in the crypto space and what it means.

Binance billionaire Changpeng Zhao makes a few very dodgy statements on a potential exchange that Simon and Sara both agree might be more than a little bit biased.

Ethereum falters with the influx of ASIC mining rigs in the market. Simon explains the new powerful miner and the pair wonder if the era of Ethereum making money for ordinary people is coming to an end.

Vitalik issues a scathing takedown on a man claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto without any real proof.

The SEC delivers a knockout blow to Mayweather endorsed ICO after the founders are charged with fraud and a host of false executives are uncovered. We discuss what thos means for other ICOs and how transparent the SEC is around these takedowns.

Bitcoin is still overvalued to the surprised of no-one in a recent study. Although Sara does appreciate the nuances addressed. Further damage to Bitcoin with Reddit refusing to accept the cryptocurrency any longer. Although if no-one’s using it can it really be called a currency?

John McAfee makes waves in the crypto space with news that he’s charging over $100K for promotional tweets for ICOs. It’s a funny story that’ll probably make you laugh but it’s noted that what McAfee’s doing affects real people and there a question mark over the legitimacy of these tweets.

Amber Baldet leaves JP Morgan in a positive way for both sides. It’s a loss for the investment bank but after establishing their blockchain platform Quorum, Amber is ready to set off on a new venture.

Rounding off the show we have an interview with Pavel Bains from Bluezelle

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Special Guest: Pavel Bains.