Ep. 4: The SEC verdict on ICOs, the Parity hack and bitcoin forks!

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Ep. 4: The SEC verdict on ICOs, the Parity hack and bitcoin forks!

In a packed episode we talk about THAT Parity hack that unfolded last week, the upcoming bitcoin fork and we have an exclusive reaction to the SEC's verdict on ICOs and Tokens from Jeff Bandman, plus an interview with a very special guest: R3's CTO, Richard Brown.

Colin and Simon are joined by author Chris Burniske for the news.

They cover the top stories rocking the blockchain and cryto space right now, kicking off with the Parity hack last week, which has as many twists and turns as a heist movie after $32M Ethereum was stolen, and a whitehat group attempted to hack it back and return the stolen money. Was this ethical? What is the impact of this? Colin, Simon and Chris try to make sense of it all.

They also discuss the bitcoin scaling problem, resulting in a hard fork of bitcoin and a divide in viewpoint of the bitcoin community, and finally, the breaking news of the SEC's verdict on DAO ICOs and tokens and get an exclusive interview from Jeff Bandman in reaction to this.

We also have an interview with Richard Brown, CTO of R3 all about the work that they do, and specifically about Corda.

Chris Burniske - Author: Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond
Richard Brown - CTO, R3
Jeff Bandman - Principal, Bandman Advisors and former Founding Director and architect, LabCFTC