33. Blythe Masters Interview, hacks, non-hacks & Europe's crypto crackdown

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In this episode Simon is joined by Sara Feenan in place of Colin this week to cover the week's top stories and we have a fantastic interview from Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset.

Simon and Sara (no Colin this week) tackle the week's news stories
Kicking off with the biggest story: France and Germany's crackdown on crypto. France and Germany have put it to the G20 that the time has come to regulate IPOs and bitcoin. In a join statement they say they are aiming to:

  • Build a common understanding on the nature of tokens
  • Monitor the implications on market stability
  • Find better protections for non professional investors
  • Adopt a common approach on anti money laundering

Simon and Sara share their views on this one.

The second story this week covers JPMorgan Chase's report that, despite Jamie Dimon's infamous comments to the contrary, states that crypto is unlikely to disappear.

Our third biggest story is Binance's denial of their hack, despite claims and particularly tweets from John McAfee. This brings the team to discuss the impact of sentimentality and drama on the market's volatility. Even if a hack isn't real, if headlines are written claiming it has been, it still has an impact.

Sara and Simon also take on Ledger Nano's vulnerability to cyber attacks; Russians arrested for mining bitcoin, the Winkelvoss' latest bitcoin predictions, Litecoin's release of LitePay, Venezuela's backing of Petro, and bitcoin's popularity on the dark web.

Simon also speaks to Blythe Masters, all about Digital Asset Holdings, the differences between assets and currencies and how to get involved in the digital asset market.

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Special Guests: Blythe Masters and Sara Feenan.