278. Fintech Insider: Live - Payments (F)innovation

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278. Fintech Insider: Live - Payments (F)innovation

David and Sarah bring you this special edition of Fintech Insider Live, recorded live at OP's Slush After Party at Pasilan Veturitallit, Helsinki. We have some of the best guests in the space and plenty of bad puns to keep you entertained.

In this week's insights show we're bringing you reindeer burgers, christmas trees and death metal. We've also got some great insight into the payments innovation taking place in Scandinavia, what the future of payments will look like and whether or not cash will be removed from society entirely.

We've got Finland, Iceland and Sweden represented this evening so there's a ton of local insight for you to enjoy. Our amazing guests include:

  • Kristian Luoma, Head of OP Labs at OP
  • Aoife Houlihan, VP of Communications at Klarna
  • Ásgeir Örn Ásgeirsson, CTO & co-founder, Meniga
  • Anthony Craufurd, Director, Venture and Startup Engagement at Visa Europe
  • Sami Honkonen, CEO and Founder of Tomorrow Tech

We also test your payments knowledge with some truly bizarre and interesting payment methods throughout history.

A big thank you to all our guests and an even bigger thank you to Kristian, Marjaana and the team at OP for bringing us back to Helsinki for a second year in a row! Slush After Parties are always amazing and we had a fantastic time.

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This episode was produced by Laura Watkins. Recorded and edited by Michael Bailey and Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: Anthony Craufurd, Aoife Houlihan, Ásgeir Örn Ásgeirsson, Kristian Luoma, and Sami Honkonen.