Ep. 272. Insights: Live! From Xerocon 2018

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Ep. 272. Insights: Live! From Xerocon 2018

David and Sarah bring you this very special bumper episode, recorded live at Xerocon 2018 at the Excel Centre in London. We have some of the best guests in the space, an array of interviews and a special edition of Fintech Insider Live.

In this week's insights show we're bringing you a supersized episode of the best content from Xerocon 2018. A conference like no other is their tagline and this proved to be true, as we bring you some of our highlights from our Xerocon 2018 experience.

First off, Sarah Kocianski sat down with some fantastic industry experts from across the world of SMB finance and accounting to get some great insights.
You will hear from:

  • Gary Turner - Co-founder and UK CEO, Xero
  • Sian Kelly - MD, Inform Accounting
  • Alexis Prenn - CEO, Receipt Bank
  • Will Farnell - Founder, Farnell Clarke
  • Christoph Rieche - CEO and Co-founder, iwoca
  • Jonathan Bareham - Cofounder and Director, Raedan
  • Caroline Plumb- CEO and founder, Fluidly

As if that wasn't enough we also hosted an extra special edition of Fintech Insider: Live from the Xerocon exhibition hall. Sarah and David were joined by some leading voices in this space to talk about bank feeds and APIs; automating payments; access to finance and even an attempt at telling some accounting jokes.

We were joined by:

  • Keri Gohman, Chief Platform Business Officer at Xero
  • Becca McClure, Director of Operations at BDO
  • Megan Caywood, Chief Platform Officer at Starling
  • Oliver Prill, CEO at Tide
  • Stuart Gregory, Head of Business at Transferwise
  • Pranav Sood, Director of International Expansion at GoCardless
  • Anil Stocker, CEO at MarketInvoice
  • Hannah Dawson, CEO at Futrli

A usual a big thanks to all our guests and an even bigger thanks to Xero for hosting us; Xerocon 2018 lived up to the hype and we hope you enjoyed our highlights!
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Special Guests: Alexis Prenn, Anil Stocker, Becca McClure, Caroline Plumb, Christoph Rieche, Gary Turner, Hannah Dawson, Jonathan Bareham, Keri Gohman , Megan Caywood, Oliver Prill, Pranav Sood, Sian Kelly, Stuart Gregory, and Will Farnell.