270. Insights: Wealth Roundtable

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270. Insights: Wealth Roundtable

On this week's insights episode, Simon and Sarah sit down with a roundtable of great guests to talk all about wealth and the new models and products emerging in the space.

We’re going to talk about digital wealth management and the new models and products that are emerging in this space, and the evolution of some others. We speak to a great line up of experts to get the inside information:

  • Adam Dodds, CEO of Freetrade
  • Dr. Ella Rabener - CMO & Co-Founder of Scalable Capital
  • Joe Parkin - Head of Wealth & Retail at Blackrock
  • Kai Eggert - Chief Product Officer at Huddlestock

We begin by discussing the much debated topic that is the democritization of investing. Is it ethical to let anyone invest their money? Our diverse panel had some interesting and varied answers!

Next, we discuss the educational aspect within this ecosystem. Whose responsibility is it to educate? Should governments & non-profits make information more accessible? Is it the role of the digital wealth management product to offer educational support? Or should it be schools, the actual education establishment themsleves that should help people understand the value of investment?

Moving on, we discuss retention. Do companies want daily interaction with the app? If so how is this done? And if not, how do you keep users interested. Many are disinterested in the idea of investing money, so how is that made more accessible? Is it the jargon at hand or the lack of understanding that often, this is a long term game?

Finally, we talk business models and the future of this space. How hard is it to differentiate yourself currently in this industry? How are these models and products catering for these different demographics? And perhaps most interestingly.....what's next for the wealth management industry?

All this and more on today's episode of Fintech insider.

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This episode was written and produced by Petrit Berisha. Edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: Adam Dodds, Dr. Ella Rabener, Joe Parkin, and Kai Eggert.