Ep. 268. Interviews: Ben Davey, Barclays UK Ventures

24min listen

Simon Taylor interviews CEO of Barclays UK Ventures, Ben Davey. They take a look at the strategies and decisions revolving around investing in fintech startups and creating real partnerships.

Ben Davey is the CEO of Barclays UK Ventures, a former chancery barrister, he worked as CSO of Barclays Investment Bank and Group Head of Strategy of Barclays before taking on his current role.

Simon and Ben talk about the challenges surrounding fintech startups and how banks are looking to creating strong lasting partnerships with them.

They also talk about Ben's journey from the bar to the bank and whether he ever had to wear a wig and gown.

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This episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Michael Bailey

Special Guest: Ben Davey.