Ep. 264. Insights: F’in Debate live from Money20/20 USA

46min listen

Ep. 264. Insights: F’in Debate live from Money20/20 USA

On today's show, we've got something special for you. A live debate on how to design the bank of the future. It's the USA vs the Rest of the World. 2 teams, 4 rounds and 8 players. There can only be one winner.

Today's insights show comes to you live from Money20/20 in Las Vegas at the Leadership Loft. Sarah Kocianski is moderating the debate between Team USA and Team ROW. Sam Maule's representing 11:FS in Team USA and Simon Taylor's doing the same on Team ROW.

We debate which parts of the world are best at different parts of banking, with the aim of building a hybrid multi-national bank of the future:

  • Building a bank.
  • Regulation, who does it best?
  • Data, where is it used best?
  • Neobanks and user experience.

It's an exciting debate which is sure to decide once and for all where's best to design the bank of the future.

Team USA
Captain: Sam Maule, 11:FS
Ron Shevlin, Cornerstone
Jill Castilla, Citizens Bank of Edmond
Dan Kimerling, Deciens Capital

Team ROW
Captain: Simon Taylor, 11:FS
Melissa Guzy, Arbor Ventures
Derek White, BBVA
Megan Caywood, Starling Bank

This episode was written and produced by Laura Watkins. Edited by Michael Bailey.

Special Guests: Daniel Kimerling, Derek White, Jill Castilla, Megan Caywood, Melissa Guzy, and Ron Shevlin.