260. Insights: Product Design in fintech and banking

46min listen

260. Insights: Product Design in fintech and banking

On today’s show, our host Jason Bates is going to take a bit of a deep dive into the world of product design for digital products in fintech and banking. We're using the classic double diamond of design to explain just what matters most in designing products and how to deliver products that matter to customers.

Today's insights show takes a closer look at what it means to create good digital products, how to give products room to breathe before they're abandoned and how to make, test and iterate.

We speak to the perfect experts to find out:

  • Louise Smith, Head of Design for the Personal and Business Bank, RBS/NatWest
  • Hugo Cornejo, Head of Design at Monzo
  • Rob Brown, Global Head of Marketing, Design and Responsible Business at BBVA
  • Domenico De Fano, Product Owner at Revolut

This episode was written and produced by Laura Watkins. Edited by Michael Bailey.

Special Guests: Domenico De Fano, Hugo Cornejo, Louise Smith, and Rob Brown.