Ep. 258. Insights: Healthtech

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Ep. 258. Insights: Healthtech

On today's show, David and Simon are with a great roundtable of health experts to take a look at what's happening in Healthtech.

Today's insights show takes a closer look at what's going on in the Healthtech space. We take a look at: how people engage with their health, companies looking towards preventative measures, whether healthcare should be more patient-centric, crossovers with insurtech/fintech/healthtech and much more.

We're joined by some fantastic guests:

  • Amit Patel, Director of New Ventures at Bupa
  • Nick Tate, VP Global Digital Innovation at GSK
  • Matt Lenzi, Director at Hanno
  • Paul Bate, Director of NHS services at Babylon Health

This episode was written and produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Michael Bailey.

Special Guests: Amit Patel, Matt Lenzi, Nick Tate, and Paul Bate.