251. News: “I haven’t had a debit card for over 2 months”

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251. News: “I haven’t had a debit card for over 2 months”

On this week's episode, Sarah and Ross sit down with Lois Ollerenshaw and Valentina Kristensen to discuss the greatest and latest stories in fintech.

Our hosts, Sarah Kocianski and Ross Gallagher sit down with two great guests: Lois Ollerenshaw, Ventures Principal at NBS Ventures and Valentina Kristensen Director of Growth and Communications at Oaknorth to talk all about the latest news in fintech. Including:

Standard Chartered’s new CEO and virtual banking licence, David has a great interview with Samir Subberwal, Head of Retail Banking at Standard Chartered to get the inside scoop on the story. Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong has set up an entity for its virtual bank and submitted its application for a virtual banking licence to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

HSBC’s new digital bank. HSBC’s close to launching a new standalone digital bank known as ‘Project Iceberg’ which is
expected to focus on small business customers - possible beta launch this year. A banking industry source said: “All the big banks are recruiting hundreds of people to build ‘attacker’ brands within their own organisations.”

TSB’s boss to step down after yet another outage. TSBs string of IT failures has ended with TSB chief Paul Pester stepping down after 7 years in charge. Chairman Richard Meddings will take on the role of executive chairman until a new chief executive is appointed.

We asked the good people of Aldgate if they had heard of the TSB issues, or any bank outages and if so would that stop them banking with them?

Post Brexit boost to African markets. As the UK leaves the European Union, the City of London will play an even greater role in financing the fastest-growing economies across Africa - according to PM Theresa May. UK-Nigeria trade was worth £4.2 billion last year - many UK companies e.g. British Airways, Unilever, GSK, Shell, SCB have successful operations in Nigeria.

We have a fantastic interview with Anna Wallace from the FCA, who was with the PM in Africa last week and gave us the inside story on the FCA's plans for fintech in Africa.

Yolt partnerships with Homelyfe and PensionBee. Pensionbee customers can now see their live pension balance within Yolt. Clare Reilly, Head of Corporate Development, PensionBee said: “The Yolt-PensionBee integration is a game-changer for UK pension savers, who have sadly been left languishing in the 20th century for far too long.”

We have another great interview, this time with Lucy Woolfenden, Marketing Director at Yolt to tell us more about it.

Australia's Big Four roll out real-time payments with Osko. Australia's New Payments Platform is expecting a surge in transactions as the country's Big Four banks roll out Osko, an overlay service which enables account-to-account real-time payments via e-mail and mobile phone numbers. With the Big Four now ready to go live, Osko will be available within the online banking channel of more than 60 financial institutions, reaching over 42 million consumer and business accounts.

And finally, 'Bingeable,' 'biohacking' and 'fintech' are now officially words.

All this and so much more on today's episode of Fintech Insider!

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This week's episode was written by Laura Watkins and Dhanum Nursigadoo, produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Michael Bailey.

Special Guests: Anna Wallace, Lois Ollerenshaw, Lucy Woolfenden, Samir Subberwal, and Valentina Kristensen.