Ep. 250. Insights: Luxembourg (the biggest fintech hub you've never heard of)

36min listen

On today's show, Ross Gallagher takes a deep dive on Luxembourg. It's one of the most exciting fintech hubs in Europe, growing exponentially, that you've probably never heard of.

Today's insights show takes a closer look at what's going on in the fintech space in Luxembourg. How can a fintech hub be such a big deal if no one’s ever heard of it? Where is Luxembourg anyway, isn’t it that tiny country sandwiched between France, Belgium and Germany?

We speak to the best experts to answer all these questions:

  • Pierre Gramegna - Luxembourg Finance Minister
  • Nicolas Mackel, CEO, Luxembourg for Finance
  • Nasir Zubairi - CEO of LHoFT
  • Denise Voss - Chairman of ALFI, the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry.
  • Mike Kane, CEO of Hydrogen
  • Andy Bryant, COO of Bitflyer Europe
  • Elena Poughia, MD of Dataconomy

We take a deep dive on the fintech sector at Luxembourg, what the country's doing to create a thriving environment for fintechs, and how the country is building a fintech hub set to rival London, Berlin, and every other European fintech hub.

This episode was written and produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Michael Bailey.

Special Guests: Andy Bryant, Denise Voss, Elena Poughia, Mike Kane, Nasir Zubairi, Nicolas Mackel, and Pierre Gramegna.