Ep. 25. Keanu Reeves on bitcoin, Vanguard on Blockchain and Cardano

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Ep. 25. Keanu Reeves on bitcoin, Vanguard on Blockchain and Cardano

Hosts Simon Taylor and Colin G Platt explore the best of the week's news with help from the 11:FS Asset Management lead Pete Townsend, plus we bring you interviews with Paul Forrest from MBN Solutions, and Mark Jeffrey from Guardian Circle.

G-Sass is back in France this week but that won't stop him joining Simon for this week's installment of the news show.

First up this week, the guys explore the implications of competition in the crypto futures space, as the CME launches its contract to compete with CBOE.

Bringing the cryto debate firmly into the mainstream, we discuss the French finance minister's intervention, urging a debate at the G20. Plus, why has Keanu Reeves spoken out over Bitcoin and what does it mean for the future of cryptoassets?

Why has Bill Miller's hedge fun put half its money in Bitcoin and what could his strategy be? Plus, has Bitcoin really become the biggest bubble the world has ever seen? The guys also discuss the nature of Bitcoin - is it a commodity? - and is the price totally fictional or is it really related to something?

Our very own Pete Townsend, 11:FS Asset Management Lead, joins us this week to break down Vanguard's plan to adopt blockchain technology.

We discuss the Gnosis Dutch exchange - do check out the blog post here - and finally, Cardano, the "Ethereum of Japan" has jumped into the top six cryptocurrencies by market cap of USD $12bn. So what's all the fuss about and is it really as secure as bitcoin?

And we didn't have time to discuss: Loopring's decentralized exchange and open protocol; HODL -
why the only good bitcoin advice is four years old; and, once again, CryptoKitties.

And to finish up this week, we bring you interviews with Mark Jeffrey from Guardian Circle and Paul Forrest from MBN Solutions.

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Special Guests: Mark Jeffrey and Paul Forrest.