248. Interviews: John Hope Bryant

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248. Interviews: John Hope Bryant

Sam Maule interviews CEO and Chairman of Operation Hope, Promise Homes, CEO of Bryant Group Ventures, and Co-Founder of Global Dignity, John Hope Bryant. They take a look at what financial inclusion really means, why building wealth isn't just about getting money, and why confidence is so important to reducing poverty.

John Hope Bryant is CEO and Chairman of Operation Hope, Promise Homes, CEO of Bryant Group Ventures, and Co-Founder of Global Dignity. He was also the first person Sam Maule ever interviewed for 11:FS. The two of them sit down. a year later, to discuss financial inclusion and how it makes everyone wealthier.

Promise Homes is a profitable enterprise combining all of John Hope Bryant's passions and interests, aimed at encouraging underserved people to become owners of their own property by renting to them with a goal to becoming part owners and eventually whole owners. It also creates a healthy renter-landlord relationship that benefits everyone in the transaction.

A 200 point difference in credit score is all it takes to massively change someone's life, as John Hope Bryant says: there's never been a riot in a 700 credit score neighbourhood. Whereas in a 500 credit score community is where the real problems are found.

Raising the value of communities is central to John Hope Bryant's message, it stabilises the area and reduces conflicts. He shares how he's helped uplift people's lives by creating financial structures that increase wealth for everyone involved. When poor people do better it increases the wealth of wealthy people.

John Hope Bryant shares what he's doing to increase the wealth of people in communities that works to improve standards for everyone and how important confidence is in building that wealth.

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This episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Holly Blaxill.

Special Guest: John Hope Bryant.