244. Interviews: Tom Peters - The Excellence Dividend

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244. Interviews: Tom Peters - The Excellence Dividend

Sam Maule interviews author Tom Peters going over what it means to be Thriving on Chaos, TED talks, and how to make things better.

Tom Peters is co-author of In Search of Excellence, a book that's often touted as the best business book there is. Nearly 30 years later and with 16 more books under his belt, Tom Peters is still leading the management guru industry he created. Sam Maule talks to him about everything that influenced his life and led up to the moment Peters wrote In Search of Excellence.

Emphasising the need for innovation, transparency, honesty, empowerment, openness (all the traits 11:FS stands for) Tom Peters isn't afraid to call out bullshit where he sees it. Although, Tom is just as capable of going off-topic as Sam. This is a chat between two guys who love their jobs, love their careers, and reflect on both well enough to know how they got where they are today.

There's a lot of expertise required to know hot to make things better. Tom Peters has led a career that's let him write in great detail what it means to derive the best results from a project. That stems from understanding the things that prevent everyone from delivering. And if you pay him well enough, he'll even tell you politely.

Tom Peters makes a living from telling CEO they are doing everything wrong and they love him for it. He'll spend the first five minutes of every speech messing with his audience purely to make a connection with them in the moment it really matters most.

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This episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Michael Bailey.

Special Guest: Tom Peters.