Ep. 239. Fintech Insider: After Dark VI - London and Atlanta

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Ep. 239. Fintech Insider: After Dark VI - London and Atlanta

We have an incredible star-studded episode for you, with the release of After Dark VI, and of course a run down of the most interesting news in the space. Hosted in two cities, recorded 6 hours apart, and with a great deal of digital magic London brings you David M. Brear, Simon Taylor, and Sarah Kocianski are joined by: Marieke Flament, Simon Vans-Colina, and Daniel Hegarty. Next up from Atlanta, Sam Maule and Doug Bobenhouse are joined by three pairs of guests: Rob Frohwein and Shannon Johnson; Kathryn Petralia and Andrew Morris; rounding out the show we had Howard Bush and Ginger Schmeltzer.

In London, David M. Brear, Simon Taylor, and Sarah Kocianski were our hosts, joined by: Marieke Flament, European Managing Director and CMO of Circle, Simon Vans-Colina, Engineer at Monzo, and Daniel Hegarty, CEO of Habito.

Over in Atlanta, Sam Maule and Doug Bobenhouse are joined by three pairs of guests: Rob Frohwein, CEO of Kabbage and Shannon Johnson, Group President of Financial Institutions at Cardlytics; next up was Kathryn Petralia, COO and Co-Founder of Kabbage, and Andrew Morris, Chief Content Officer at Money20/20; rounding out the show we had Howard Bush, Principal on Industry Experiences and Banking and Capital Markets Lead at Microsoft and Ginger Schmeltzer, Owner and Principal at GDS Advisors, LLC.

Coming on to incredible music and an epic trailer we kick things off with insight into challenger banks. The UK’s digital banks may be profitable sooner than you think Monzo, Starling and Tandem all expect to have hit profitability by 2020 or sooner. The panel examines if Monzo can hit profitability so soon given losses quadrupling recently, Starling's profitability from new revenue streams like business bank accounts and marketplace partnerships, and Tandem acquiring 250K customers since the start of 2018. Next up Starling Bank ditching the purple for a new set of cards, cards for the bank's consumer accounts will be teal, while its business accounts will be turning navy blue. And all cards are portait. Just by like we have Megan Caywood of Starling fame in the audience to show it off.

We move on to Snapchat shutting down Snapcash and giving the space over to Venmo. Snapchat will abandon the peer-to-peer payment space on August 30th. The service was powered by Square Cash. Snapcash gave Snapchat a way to get users to connect payment methods to the app, which were vital to the company’s aim to become a commerce platforms where you can shop without leaving the app. Launched in 2014, ahead of Venmo and Zelle but has ultimately lost customers to both companies. And finally the London team takes a look at what happened to celeb-endorsed cryptocurrencies.

Heading over to Atlanta Doug and Sam kick things off with Rob Frohwein and Shannon Johnson on Uber and Venmo partnering to deliver a new payment experience. The four discuss Uber and Venmo are partnering to deliver a seamless new payment experience available with Uber and Uber Eats. More than 6M payments on Venmo mentioned “Uber” in their description over the past year, how big a deal the partnership is, how important it is that Venmo is offering bank-like solutions without being a bank, and Venmo's security.

Next up, Kathry Petralia and Andrew Morries walk on stage to a great deal of applause, to discuss Facebook Google and others uniting to let customers transfer data between apps. They take a look at whether this is a bonus for start ups, what it means for privacy and data security and why Apple is conspicuously absent from this initiative. Howard Bush and Ginger Schemltzer are on stage next to discuss VISA MoneyGram and Visa Team preparing to deliver real-time global P2P, whether it's a digital and mobile payment option targeting milennials, if cash is still king, why the plan is starting with Mexico and the Philippines and where they'll go next.

And finally the panel takes a look at a woman driving through the streets of South Korea and leaving $14,000 worth of cash in her wake.

All this and so much more on today's very special After Dark episode of Fintech Insider!

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This episode was written and produced by Laura Watkins and Petrit Berisha. Edited by Michael Bailey and Holly Blaxill.

Special Guests: Andrew Morris, Daniel Hegarty, Ginger Schmeltzer, Howard Bush, Kathryn Petralia, Marieke Flament, Rob Frohwein, Shannon Johnson, and Simon Vans-Colina.