238. Insights: Debunking the myth of AI

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238. Insights: Debunking the myth of AI

Today's show takes a look at a topic you've asked us to cover for a long time. We're taking on AI. Sarah Kocianski explores what AI can actually do for us, Machine Learning, rules based automation, Computer Vision, chatbots, and why AI experts don't want to work in financial services.

AI is a massive subject that's been so spun out by marketing, consultancies, and project proposals as a cure all that it's become difficult to understand what it actually is. To start things off we define what AI really is so you know your AI fact from fiction, then we move on to how AI has developed from simple 'if and then' statements into the powerful applications of Machine Learning.

We interview Charlie Wood, Principal Consultant at Capco to get an inside look at what's going on in the AI space. He helps break down the myth behind AI and how it's being used today. We also speak to Scott Seely, Principal Solutions Architect at Microsoft to break down how Computer Vision relates to AI and how advanced image recognition capabilities are becoming as well as where chatbots are becoming reliable with language recognition. We also take a look at where AI is being applied in complex use cases and how skeptical experts are about AIs ability to make you money.

Then we take a look at what's going on with AI in financial firms, why AI experts don't want to move into financial services and what needs to be done to make AI a useful product for banks in the future.

This episode was written by Petrit Berisha & Sarah Kocianski. Produced by Petrit Berisha & Laura Watkins. Edited by Holly Blaxill & Michael Bailey. Hosted by Sarah Kocianski.

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Special Guests: Charlie Wood and Scott Seely.

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