Ep. 236. Interviews: Howard Lindzon - the Angel investor

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Ep. 236. Interviews: Howard Lindzon - the Angel investor

Sam Maule interviews Angel investor Howard Lindzon on what it means to be a CEO, being in the right place at the right time, data, and the value of scarcity.

Some people think it's lucky to be able to make decisions, but Howard Lindzon doesn't see things that way. It's about practice, not being paralysed by indecision and limiting your options to two positive outcomes and then picking the one that you're able to live with. You've gotta keep moving forward and to keep everyone around you motivated and wanting to move forward.

CEOs are vital to the nature of a startup, they need to be able to pull their company in the direction they want to grow in as fast as they can and keep everyone who's with them excited and interested. Sam and Howard also discuss how not everyone can be a great CEO but that isn't a bad thing. The world needs great second-in-commands and people all down the hierarchy, without them there'd be no companies.

Being a CEO means being a great recruiter and communicator in addition to raising money. You can't just be good at one of them, all three are vital to being a CEO. It's important to ensure staff know what you need them to be doing, when, and most importantly, why.

Angel investors are focused on creating the best possible team for the company, finding the specialists who are capable of operating in the space like a scalpel because they know what they're good at, how to do it, and are solely focused on getting their tasks done. And most importantly, trusting the others to achieve what they need to do too.

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This episode was produced by Ollie Judge and edited by Michael Bailey.

Special Guest: Howard Lindzon.