232. 11:FS Presents One Fintech Nation - Bringing the Nation Together: The Network Effect

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232. 11:FS Presents One Fintech Nation - Bringing the Nation Together: The Network Effect

In our final One Fintech Nation episode David takes a look at how fintechs and banks can work together. Our series with Tech Nation has looked at fintech solving real problems, UK fintech from an international perspective, and what's happening in UK fintech outside of London. This episode brings it all together.

Today's insights show brings together how everything in the UK fintech space is working together to improve the industry.

We want to talk about how the whole nation can start talking about fintech, share knowledge, and work together in unity. But is it even possible in a nation with such strong individual identities?

Fantastic insights are given by fintech experts who are working across the UK to bring fintech to those who need it most:

  • Greg Michel, Fintech Lead at Tech Nation
  • John Glen, MP & Economic Secretary to the Treasury
  • Deb Harding, Head of Engagement in Financial Services for the Welsh Government
  • Ben Brabyn, CEO, Level 39
  • Chris Pond, Vice-Chair, Financial Inclusion Commission
  • Katia Lang, CEO, The Fintech TImes
  • Martin Cook, General Counsel at Funding Circle and founding member of the Fintech Delivery Panel
  • Paul Rippon, Co-founder, Monzo
  • Jon Bradford, Founding partner, Motive Partners
  • Wendy Jephson, Co-founder & Chief Behavioural Specialist, Nasdaq Sybenetix
  • Lisa Wood, CMO, Atom Bank

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Special Guests: Anna Wallace, Ben Brabyn, Chris Pond, Debs Harding, Gregoire Michel, John Glen, Jon Bradford, Katia Lang, Lisa Wood, Martin Cook, Paul Rippon, and Wendy Jephson.

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