Ep. 225. News: Live at Money 20/20 Europe

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Ep. 225. News: Live at Money 20/20 Europe

Live from the Arena stage at Money 20/20 Europe in Amsterdam, hosts David M. Brear, Simon Taylor, and Sam Maule are joined by Leda Glyptis, CIO at Qatar National Bank, Rob Frohwein, CEO of Kabbage, Sara Feenan, Business Development Manager at Clearmatics, Jeff Tijssen at 11:FS, Anna Irrera, Fintech Correspondent at Reuters and Peter Hazou, Director of Business Development at Microsoft.

David Simon and Sam are live on the main stage at Money 20/20 covering the latest and greatest in news across the fintech world. Joined by those at the cutting edge of all things fintech, Leda Glyptis, Rob Frohwein, Anna Irrera and Peter Hazou.

It's a different show from usual with our guests coming on in pairs. First up are Leda and Rob to share their views on what's going on in Europe.

Kicking things off, European payments seemingly ground to a halt when Visa suffered a system failure over the past week. The panel have an interesting take on the issue, it is a payments conference after all. Next up, Kabbage competes with PayPal.

Luckily we have the Kabbage CEO on-hand to give us some absolute insight into what's going on there. Finishing up this section, the panel discuss the (un)surprising revelation that Millennials trust tech companies over banks when it comes to personal data.

Our two lovely guests have to leave us but we have two equally brilliant ones in the form of Sara and Jeff, ready to let us know their take on the latest blockchain news.

It's been a weird one for blockchain with the world's largest shipping firm, Maersk, now tracking cargo using blockchain. Maersk is planning to use the technology to fight fraud and reduce paperwork. Binance are planning to create a $1BN investment fund, but with a dead ICO how did they manage to raise $7BN this year?

Next up we have two of the finest fintech minds in the form of Anna Irrera and Peter Hazou to round up the last of the big news stories in fintech this week.

Starling has flown the nest after receiving £80M in funding and splitting from Transferwise, the general thinking is the capital increase is to bid for a share of the Capability and Innovation fund set up by RBS following the banking crisis. Next the panel talk about customer service.

Surveys show that UK digital challengers are beating high-street banks on customer satisfaction. Although apparently high-street banks are doing a few things better. We also take a look at Citi and just why they're crushing the competition in investment in US fintech.

All this and so much more on today's episode of Fintech Insider!

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Special Guests: Anna Irrera, Jeff Tijssen, Leda Glyptis, Peter Hazou, Rob Frohwein, and Sara Feenan.