Ep. 222. Fintech Insider Insights: Gimme Some Credit

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Ep. 222. Fintech Insider Insights: Gimme Some Credit

Do you know your credit score? What makes your credit better or worse? Join Ross and Ollie as they explore the dark murky world of credit scoring.

The opaque nature of the credit world is scary, some might say Orwellian, but mostly just really confusing. You have to hand over your data, which is subsequently regurgitated into a number...where that number comes from is seemingly unclear.

We speak to industry experts about the current state of credit scoring, and also where it will potentially go in the future. What is being done to avoid a black mirror-esque dystopia? What companies are becoming first movers in this space, to create a more transparent business models that actually help people in their daily lives. We also heard from the general public on their experiences with the credit system and why they find it unfair. The impact credit scoring has on people's lives is extraordinary- yet we're only seeing these business models starting to surface. Some would say it's a been a long time coming...

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Special Guests: Aneesh Varma, Justin Basini, Ollie Judge, and Rishi Khosla.