220. Fintech Insider Insights: Dirty Data

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220. Fintech Insider Insights: Dirty Data

On the day GDPR becomes law, we bring you a story about data. Who has it? What do they do with it? Are we being listened to? Find out how GDPR will affect all our lives..

Did you know that you have a digital twin? Someone is the data version of yourself that lives and breathes the internet. The problem, in this digital world, is that Digital You leaves a digital footprint everywhere you go. Everywhere...

Every app and tab you open, every T-shirt you buy online, every social media account you create, all leave a trail of data behind you. Now you might not think this is important, but have you ever wondered how it's being used. Why are companies like Facebook and Google gathering data about Digital You? Why is it so profitable for them? And if there's so much value at stake....why are we not offered anything in return for it?

This is where GDPR steps in. It's power to the people: digital-style. Your inbox may have been flooded by a mixture of panicky, scary and funny emails asking you to read through some updated T's & C's for seemingly everything you've ever signed up to. They may reference something called GDPR, but what is this? How does it help us, the consumer, squeeze more value out of the apps and digital services we use?

Ryan and Petrit take us on a data-filled journey, with a series of stories, as well insights from industry experts weaved in to make sure you don't get bored of their voices.

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Special Guests: Frances Coyle, Jamie Smith, Jonathan Williams, Petrit Berisha, Ryan Garner, Simon Vans-Colina, and StJohn Deakins.