210. News: Underserved and Overcharged

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210. News: Underserved and Overcharged

In this week's news episode, Simon Taylor and Ross Gallagher are joined by guests Carrie Osman from Cruxy, Ali Paterson from Fintech Finance, Amelie Arras from Adastra Marketing, and Veronique Constans from 11:FS.

Simon and Ross sit down with Carrie Osman, CEO and founder of Cruxy, Ali Paterson, Editor of Fintech Finance, Amelie Arras, Marketing Director of Adastra Marketing, and Veronique Constans, Programme Manager at 11:FS.

Ross takes the panel through the latest interesting and amusing stories from the fintech world, including: Global fintech funding hitting a record high, Revolut's unicorn valuation, Amazon's foray into blockchain and Cryptocurrency means funeral finance? All this and so much more on this episode of Fintech Inisider!

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Special Guests: Ali Paterson, Amélie Arras, Carrie Osman, and Veronique Constans.