Ep. 206. Fintech Insider: After Dark V - Part 2 San Francisco - Facebook Trust & Silicon Stereotypes

58min listen

Sam Maule and Doug Bobenhouse are live with a brilliant audience at the Institute of Possibilities and joined by an incredible panel of guests to discuss the latest news in fintech from the USA.

Sam and Doug sit down with Mike Sigal, VC at 500 Startups, Lisa Gansky, VC at Mosaic, Brit Morin, Founder and CEO of Brit + Co, Mark Jamison, Head of Innovation and Design at Visa, Kate Adamson, Head of Mortgage at Plaid, Tony Morosini, VP Banking at Sofi and Anatoly Kvitnitsky, Head of Growth at Trulioo.

Sam takes the panel through the latest and greatest in news stories getting key insights into what's happening and what matters most. Including Mark Zuckerberg's appearance before Congress, Why nobody trusts Facebook, if equal pay is getting any closer and why Silicon Valley Stereotypes are just plain wrong.

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Special Guests: Anatoly Kvitnitsky, Brit Morin, Doug Bobenhouse, Kate Adamson, Lisa Gansky, Mark Jamison, Mike Sigal, and Tony Morosini.