202 Interview: Ross Dalzell

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202 Interview: Ross Dalzell

Simon sits down with Ross Dalzell, Head of Business Banking Product and Propositions at Barclays Bank to discuss the future of fintech, the SME market, and how open banking is set to transform the financial landscape.

We ask Ross about his love for SMEs and how the traditionally underserved market will benefit from the new open banking regulations as well as how critical SMEs will be for fintechs.

We get an insight into what Barclays is doing to integrate fintech and making sure that they continue to serve SMEs.

Ross also tells us about the wider implications of open banking, what fintechs should be aiming for when pitching to clients, and how banks can partner with agile services in the open banking world.

Ross shares his views on the techwave set to hit all industries, how that’s going to impact the role of banks and how they can advise SMEs to adapt to new changes in order to perform in their sector.

Cyber-fraudsters have a new target in busy SME owners, Ross explains how banks need to educate themselves and customers to protect them from becoming victims.

All this and much more in this episode of Fintech Insider.

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Special Guest: Ross Dalzell.