Ep. 201 Insights Live: Breaking into Fintech

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Ep. 201 Insights Live: Breaking into Fintech

We’re live at Cass Business School Finance Conference with a panel of movers and shakers in the fintech world. Our host Ross Gallagher is joined by a panel well versed in how to break into and excel in the fintech space. What skills you need, when you need to apply them and what the next generation of fintech talent needs to know.

Jeff Tijssen, 11:FS Head of Consulting, Sophie Winwood, Head of Partnerships at Innovate Finance, and Valentina Kristensen Head of PR and Marketing at Oak North all speak with Ross Gallagher on the skills you need to make it in the fintech world.

Getting things started we’re talking about what backgrounds are best to break into fintech and where all our panel came from to get to where they are now.

We explore what the fintech industry is looking for in applicants and who it’s trying to attract. Which matters most, the finance or the technology? And where does the customer fit into it?

We also look at where the principles of Fintech and traditional finance converge and separate. Something definitely worth considering for those difficult to answer interview questions.

The panel discuss where new technology is disrupting the traditional financial model and whether you really need a background in financial services to break into the fintech world.

To round things off we look at where younger people need to go, who they need to be talking to and what questions they need to be asking to become the next generation of fintech talent.

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Special Guests: Jeff Tijssen, Sophie Winwood, and Valentina Kristensen.