Ep. 20. The greatest (bitcoin) story ever told!

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Ep. 20. The greatest (bitcoin) story ever told!

Simon Taylor and the birthday boy Colin G Platt (still enjoying the beach in sunny Australia) cover the best of the week's news, including the death of SegWit2x, the surge in Bitcoin Cash and the latest on the parity hack. Plus interviews with Michael Casey, advisor, author, speaker and commentator, and Daniel Cotti and David Sutter from TradeIX.

The death of SegWit2x - what happened, why and what does it mean for bitcoin? How did $160m Eth get locked up in Parity wallets, and why might a fork be the only way to get it out? One of the greatest comebacks in (DLT) history - how could the former bitcoin king Mt. Gox be back in the money?

Plus, a new blockchain-based international payments system from R3 and 22 of the world's biggest banks; Bjork accepting cryptocurrency for new album; a token to cryogenically freeze yourself; and, Grayscale Investments announces the launch of a Zcash investment trust.

And we bring you two interviews. First, Simon speaks with Michael Casey, advisor, author, speaker and commentator. Next up, we talk to Daniel Cotti, CFO and Bank Partner Relationship, and David Sutter, Head of Platform Strategy, from TradeIX.

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Special Guests: Daniel Cotti, David Sutter, and Michael Casey.