Ep. 2: Tokenomics, FOMO and $566M in a month

50min listen

Ep. 2: Tokenomics, FOMO and $566M in a month

Simon and Colin are back for Episode 2 and joined by Maya Zehavi for the news and later on they interview William Mougayar on all things tokens.

We talk Governments getting into Blockchain - will regulation be led by China and Singapore?, cryptocurrencies finally being taken seriously by banks, governments and regulating bodies - and then conversely, the fear of missing out now has its own coin!

And later in the show we talk to William Mougayar - the author, expert and speaker on all things Tokens and Blockchain!
He tells us how he got into blockchain, where he sees the industry going, his view on token sales and the million dollar question: are we in a bubble?

Special Guest: William Mougayar.