199. Insights: HL Techover

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199. Insights: HL Techover

This episode is a very special Takeover from Hargreaves Lansdown’s brand new tech office in Warsaw! Ross and Pete are head up this "techover" joined by some of the company’s top people: Chris Hill, CEO; David Davies, CIO; Chris Worle, Director of Digital Marketing and Michael Glowinski, HL Tech General Manager. You can find us on Twitter @FintechInsiders or @11FSTeam or find us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram or drop us a line podcasts@11fs.com

In this very special takeover episode we uncover exactly who Hargreaves Lansdown are, directly from their new tech centre in Warsaw and why a company like theirs needs to be on the cutting edge. Creating a tech platform and digital focused business has become a key part of their business.

We discuss the importance of constant innovation and technology in the industry and how it helps them stand out from the crowd.

Hargreaves Lansdown share how they’re making waves in the fintech space outside of the London fintech bubble in the UK and abroad.

The digital age doesn’t mean the end of analogue, HL discusses why they still see value in an analogue safety net that puts the client first.

Website and mobile functionality have changed, new tech and new feedback has meant that firms have to adapt how they deliver experiences across devices, HL share how they’ve done it.

Mobile users suffer from a lack of understanding from companies, the panel discuss how knowing their audience has been key to their growth and how all their tech is routed in essential customer needs.

Word of mouth is still a key driver in growth, the panel discuss how much of an impact it has on their business and that the relationship they build with their clients from that is their most valuable asset.

We talk about all this any much more on this Friday’s episode of Fintech Insider.

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Special Guests: Chris Hill, Chris Worle, David Davies, Michal Glowinski, and Pete Townsend.

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