193. Interview: Chris Skinner, Author - Digital Human

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193. Interview: Chris Skinner, Author - Digital Human

Jason and David speak to Chris Skinner about his new book, Digital Human, following up on his bestseller Digital Bank and its sequel ValueWeb.

Chris Skinner has a blog many of you are sure to know at www.thefinanser.com, it’s packed full of great insights into the financial world. He’s also 11FS’ very own advisor to special projects.

Chris is Chair of the European networking forum: the Financial Services Club. He is on the Advisory Boards of many companies including Innovate Finance, Moven and Meniga.

The big topic of his upcoming new book is Humanity’s Fourth Revolution and the next generation of finance. How it’s happening right now and soon 4.5 billion more people will be able to access banking services.

Digital Humans exist on a Connected Planet, they discuss how those who pay the most to move money often have the least and how this is changing through connectivity.

Star Wars vs Star Trek. In an unusual turn for Fintech Insider Chris and David discuss which one's more likely in the future, with a financial twist of course.

What are Western companies missing out on and what can they learn from the East and the developing world on financial inclusion and accessibility?

They take a close look at Ant Financial, their leap forward to fifth generation architecture and why regenerating every few years works.

Are Fintechs just making faster horses? Does it work and should companies be creating something new?

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Special Guest: Chris Skinner.