190. News: Imagine if the Kardashians could code

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190. News: Imagine if the Kardashians could code

For International Women's Day, Producer Laura and Sarah Kocianski co-host the news show alongside special guests, Caroline Plumb, CEO of Fluidly, Klarna's Laurel Wolfe and 11:FS' own Veronique Constans.

Kicking off with the biggest news, we talked about the gender pay gap, who has 'fessed up and who hasn't, why the disparity in earnings is no great surprise, and what can be done to improve diversity in all its forms across the industry.

We also discuss why women are put off tech careers before they even leave school (and why Reddit isn't the most scientific way to collect data), why female tech role models are desperately needed, why enthusiasm for app-only banks is on the wane, Monzo's marketplace launch in beta, and what Atom will do with their latest round of funding.

Next up are the two biggest Amazon stories of the week - their proposed plans for a checking account product with either JPMorgan or CapitalOne and Jeff Bezos' refusal to lose India, having conceded China to Alibaba. We also have a mini section on corporate social responsibility as Nuns (and other trading bodies) call out unethical practices at WellsFargo, and Kabbage take a strong stand in the light of the tragiv Parkland shootings.

And finally, in the sillier part of the show we take a look at Xinja's glow in the dark payment cards, and Donorfy's GDFR playlist - is it (in REM's words) The End of the World As We Know It?

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Special Guests: Caroline Plumb, Laurel Wolfe, Sarah Kocianski, and Veronique Constans.