Ep. 19. The prequel to the greatest (bitcoin) story ever told

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Ep. 19. The prequel to the greatest (bitcoin) story ever told

Simon and Colin bring you another packed show covering the week's topsy turvy news, including SegWit2x, more on Bitcoin prices, Colin's long thing and some fantastic guests talking e-sports.

First up this week - and what a week - we can confirm that SegWit2x is not going ahead! For more on this story, tune in to next week's episode. In this episode, we focus on the run up to what was nearly the biggest fork of the year.

We return to the continuing astronomical rise in bitcoin - up as high as $7,600? So is it a bubble, and does the market need more infrastructure to entice large institutions? In related news, CME Group - the world's largest exchange - have announced that they're going to introduce bitcoin futures.

The guys also discuss what SegWit2x will mean (or would have meant?) for the future of bitcoin. And will Bitcoin miners really consume as much electricity as the annual consumption of Nigeria? Is bitcoin really that power consuming or is it actually changing how we consume power?

And we talk to Volodymyr Panchenko, founder and CEO of DMarket.io, and Alexander Kokhanovskyy, founder and CEO of DreamTeam, about their fascinating applications of DLT to e-sports.

Also on this week's show: why Celebrity ICOs might become illegal; Colin wrote a long thing (derivatives clearing on distributed ledgers); the latest of Alex Tapscott and the NextBlock fund; Colin uses the words "willy-nilly" in a sentence; and much, much more.

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Special Guests: Alexander Kokhanovskyy and Volodymyr Panchenko.