Ep. 189. Insights: Women in Fintech

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Ep. 189. Insights: Women in Fintech

After celebrating International Women's Day, we bring you a plethora of interviews with leading women in Fintech! We bring you interviews with: -Rachel Kent - Head of Global Financial Institutions Sector, Hogan Lovells -Wendy Jephson - Co-founder & Chief Behavioural Specialist, Nasdaq Sybenetix -Sophie Bialaszewski - Head of Innovation, Lloyds Banking Group -Min Teo - VP of Operations, Yoyo Wallet -Adizah Tejani - Director of Marketing, Token, Inc

First up, Laura talked to Rachel Kent about her background and how she's got the position she's in. How has she overcome any restricting factors in a typically male dominated industry? Why is it so important to highlight the contributions for women in this industry? What's the future for women in this industry?

Next up, Wendy Jephson joins to talk through what makes Sybenetix so special and why she decided to create this company. What gap did she look to fill in the market? We also talked through Wendy's past, particularly her background in law and psychology, more specifically how this breadth has helped her in this industry.

Sophie Bialaszewski was next to give the lowdown on her career! We talk through how she broke into finance and how people actually innovate. How hard is it to instil a culture which promotes innovation?

Min Teo was next up to reveal all to Laura, going through the ins and outs of the fascinating business that is 'Yo-yo wallet'. What's the future like for women in Fintech?

Last but not least, Adizah Tejani talks through her background and how she got involved with Token. What does the future of Fintech look like and how did you market Token?

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Special Guests: Adizah Tejani, Min Teo, Rachel Kent, Sophie Bialaszewski, and Wendy Jephson.