181. News: [The SME sector is] So Hot Right Now

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181. News: [The SME sector is] So Hot Right Now

In this episode, Simon and Jason are joined by Chris Skinner, Tanya Andreasyan, Kristian Luoma and Cliff Evans, to take on the week’s top stories.

In this week's news show Simon and Jason are joined by 11:FS NED Chris Skinner, Tanya Andreasyan, Editor at Banking Technology; Kristian Luoma - Head of OP Lab, in town from Helsinki for one night only and Cliff Evans, Head of Digital Banking at Capgemini, to take on the week’s top stories.

This week they look at the monumental shifts in both global stock exchanges and crypto markets - what has been going on, can it bounce back and should we be worried?; the US take on Open Banking - what can they learn from the UK?, and exciting developments in the SME space both here and abroad. We speak to TSB Commercial Director Richard Davies to tell us more on their planned £100m injection of funds into the UK"s SME sector.

The team also take on, big banks calling for regulation of tech giants, Alipay's new ventures into cashless European tourism, Penta's funding round, the death of the chatbot, the UX revolution in banking that might have passed you by, and how out of date computer systems are allowing hackers to hit the jackpot.

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Special Guests: Chris Skinner, Cliff Evans, Kristian Luoma, Richard Davies, and Tanya Andreasyan.