Ep 177. Insights: Financial Services & Mental Health

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Ep 177. Insights: Financial Services & Mental Health

Yesterday (1st February) was Time to Talk Day, a day dedicated to mental health awareness, and opening up the conversation around it in the aim of removing the stigma. In conjunction with this, Simon Taylor chaired a panel discussing Financial Services and Mental Health with James Routledge form Mental Health foundation Sanctus, and finance experts, Jo Ann Barefoot, Nick Cook and Ghela Boskovitch.

Mental health affect us all, not least when we have financial difficulties or worries. Time to Talk Day opens up the conversation around mental health and removes the taboo, asking all of us to be more open about our mental health.
Simon Taylor chaired a panel discussing how financial services can be more astute about mental health and how they can improve the relationship between their products, customers and mental health challenges.
We invited along subject matter expert James Routledge from Sanctus, an organisation specifically challenging perceptions of mental health, with the aim of normalising conversations around mental health and how workplaces can better accommodate this, as well as FS experts Ghela Boskovitch and Jo Ann Barefoot and the FCA's Nick Cook to tackle how financial services can offer more frictionless services that better accommodate customers' mental health as well as financial situation.

If you’d like to know more, do take a look at some of the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute’s work in the area, and if you’d like to talk about some of the issues raised in the show, visit Sanctus.io, jsbarefoot.com or fca.org.uk.

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Special Guests: Ghela Boskovich, James Routledge, Jo Ann Barefoot, and Nick Cook.