Ep. 170. Understanding Wealth: the Best Asset of Asset Managers

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Ep. 170. Understanding Wealth: the Best Asset of Asset Managers

Simon Taylor is joined by Pete Townsend, Chris Mills and Zeynep Meric-Smith to discuss where asset management is heading for in 2018.

We bring you the second part of our special wealth series, as we concentrate on asset management trends and how 2018 will impact the investments market. First, our panel discuss how evolving demands from varying types of customer in the asset management industry are challenging legacy ideas. How does millennial inheritance impact their thinking? And do longer life spans require asset managers to explore different avenues to meet customer needs?

Next we move on to discuss the value chain, more specifically distribution, portfolio & management risk, middle & back office and finally 3'rd parties.

It wouldn't be an 11:FS podcast if we didn't discuss Fintech to some extent, and the team dissect various trends that are leading indicators of what to come. How could Tech giants become disruptors in this space? Robo-advisory platforms have become more and more prevalent but is there a limit to how far they can go? Most data shows that many consumers are more comfortable with human elements in this business model, but could the millennial generation change this? The blockchain hype just won't go away, and rightfully so, as we discuss whether or not blockchain could become part of the infrastructure that future asset management business models are built upon? AI is another regularly discussed topic in this space, is it all hype? Or is there something there in the technology that asset managers could use to create a better financial product for their customers.

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Special Guests: Chris Mills, Pete Townsend, and Zeynep Meric-Smith.