168. Interview: Tom Blomfield - CEO, Monzo

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168. Interview: Tom Blomfield - CEO, Monzo

Simon Taylor interviews Tom Blomfield, the CEO of Monzo where they discuss the challenger bank's viral growth, PSD2 and it's roadmap for the future.

From pre-paid card to fully fledged Current Account, Tom Blomfield details the journey of UK challenger bank Monzo with great enthusiasm and vibrance.

Tom talks our host Simon Taylor through Monzo's viral growth and how their marketing team has managed to grow the company 1000% in the last year alone, on a very limited budget. 'I don't think we're a million miles away from the mainstream' is a great quote and highlights the ambition of the challenger bank, as we discuss Monzo's roadmap for the future.

Regulation has been a hot topic to kick off 2018 and so you won't be surprised that PSD2 is much discussed throughout the interview. Indeed Tom gives his opinions on how large banks and open banking will be impacted by the regulation.

Murmurs of both a Monzo IPO and potential acquisition have been constant throughout 2017, and Tom's admirable attitude that an acquisition "would feel like failure" shows just how dedicated the Monzo team is to creating a better banking product for its customers. He takes responsibility for the IPO rumours saying that it was down to a copywriting indiscretion, however also states a future IPO is possible.

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Special Guest: Tom Blomfield.