164. Interview: Eric Wilson, Xinja

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164. Interview: Eric Wilson, Xinja

Simon Taylor speaks to Eric Wilson, CEO at Xinja.

Simon Taylor speaks to Eric Wilson, CEO at Xinja, who are building Australia's first digital bank.

First off Eric introduces us to Xinja - what is it, how does it work and what makes it unique and of course we had to ask how they came up with the name Xinja and how it's pronounced (like ninja).

We ask about Xinja's business model; how they make money, who their customers are and how they acquire them, and what their longterm goals are.

Eric also tells us about Xinja's partnership with Equitise to offer equity crowdfunding and the Founding Xinja community, and their aims to bring humanity back to banking and how they feel about the label "neobank".

We also get his thoughts on the future of cash, particularly in Australia, and how the Australian market compares to the UK, Europe and the States.

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Special Guest: Eric Wilson.