163. Interview: Toby Triebel, Wealthsimple

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163. Interview: Toby Triebel, Wealthsimple

This week, Jason Bates speaks to Toby Triebel, CEO Europe, Wealth Simple.

Jason Bates meets Toby Triebel, CEO for Europe of Wealthsimple, a leading innovative software company. ]
They discuss Toby's background, how he got into fintech and finance, and introduces us to Wealth Simple for those who might not know. They only started in September 2014 and have come a long way since then - $1bn (CAD) in AUM as of May 2017 - we ask how they scaled up so fast?

They also discuss Wealthsimple's accomplishments being Canada’s first robo advisor in the space, and the challenges and impact this had, in addition to having real, human advisors on hand via phone, text, email or video call, to give advice - and is this at odds with their business model of fast, digital investment? Toby tells us all.
He also talks about their hugely successful social media marketing campaign with their Wealthsimple Money Diaries, using celebrity stories to open up conversations around money and finance.

Jason also asks the gritty questions about how they acquire customers, what their customer base looks like, and how they make money, their partnership with Mint and the importance of ethical investment to themselves and their customers.

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Special Guest: Toby Triebel.