Ep. 161. After Dark III Christmas Special

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Ep. 161. After Dark III Christmas Special

It's the After Dark Christmas Special and that means we're bringing you a recap of all the top stories from 2017, recorded in front of a live audience. Regular hosts Simon Taylor, David M. Brear, Jason Bates and Chris Skinner are joined by friends of the show Sarah Kocianski and Leda Glyptis.

It's nearly the end of the year and we're knee-deep in good tidings. So here's a dollop of festive fintech cheer - the third installment of our special live show, After Dark, and it's the Christmas Special, recorded live at our offices in WeWork, London! Simon and the guys steer us through the top news stories from 2017 - and what a year it's been! - with help from an expert panel and an all-star cast.

First up it's January (who knew?) and Nigel Walsh, Partner at Deloitte, helps talk us through the amazing story of insurtech startup Lemonade. Into February, and Co-op Bank is up for sale. March saw a deluge of fintech and challenger bank outages, while April saw Will.i.am join Atom Bank. Alexa Fernandez, Director of Fintech Partnerships at BBVA talks us through the launch of BBVA's open banking business in May, and 'Girl, interrupted' Liz Lumley discusses the Dodd Frank repeal in June.

Listen in to hear what we covered for the second half of the year, with help from Hugo Cornejo - Head of Design at Monzo; Ben Chisell - Product Director at Starling Bank; Valentina Kristensen - Head of PR and Marketing at OakNorth; Richard Davies - Commercial Banking Director at TSB; Vic Arulchandran - COO at Nivaura; and Chad West - Head of Global Brand & Communications at Revolut.

Plus, Nigel makes Christmas dad jokes; a man in a pink unicorn onesie; Chris calls Simon a hipster; and much, much more.

Thanks to everyone who came on the night - we couldn't have done it without you.

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Special Guests: Alexa Fernandez, Ben Chisell, Chad West, Hugo Cornejo, Leda Glyptis, Liz Lumley, Nigel Walsh, Richard Davies, Sarah Kocianski, Valentina Kristensen, and Vic Arulchandran.