Ep. 156. News: Growing through pain

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Ep. 156. News: Growing through pain

David, Jason and Simon are joined by Ali Paterson, Valentina Kristensen & Tanya Andreasyan for a look back over the week's news.

In this episode, Ali Paterson, Editor of Fintech Finance; Valentina Kristensen, Head of Marketing & PR at Oak North; & Tanya Andreasyan, Editor of Banking Technology join hosts David, Jason and Simon to discuss the last week's news including:

Uber's data hack and alleged payoff to the hackers to delete the data; BBVA's iris scanner for mobile phone security which opens up a debate about biometrics and security overall; and as Garmin kick off contactless payments in their watches, it kicks off in the room about card payments vs smart payments, Jason is adamant that card payments are not broken and vetoes similar stories in future.

Also, as Tencent's valuation overtakes Facebook for the first time, they discuss the contest between Tencent and Alibaba as well as its competition around the world - is Tencent a threat to the west?

They also take on the Revolut founder's latest statements around how he hires and his expectations in the work place - causing a diatribe from Valentina attacking these sentiments that earns a round of applause in the room.

They also cover: EU Passporting as Starling is accepted into the EU payments system, Barnier says Brexit could cause UK banks to lose their passports, Atom's latest fund raising and Curve makes its bank cards available to all.

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Special Guests: Ali Paterson, Tanya Andreasyan, and Valentina Kristensen.