Ep. 155. Insights: New ways of working

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Ep. 155. Insights: New ways of working

In this Insights episode, David recorded live from the Tavern Stand at Lords Cricket Ground to explore new ways of working, with Andy Ellis and Peter Ryan-Bell from RBS, and Tunde Olanrewaju from McKinsey.

Today, David is joined by Andy Ellis, Head of Strategy & Innovation at RBS; Tunde Olanrewaju, Senior Partner at McKinsey; and Peter Ryan-Bell, Head of Sector and Specialist Businesses at RBS, recording live from the Tavern Stand at Lords Cricket Ground to talk about new ways of working.

The guys discuss how working practices are changing, and the things they're having to do to keep up, and the impact this has had on partnerships. What are the best hiring practices and how can you build the best team possible?

As the narrative has shifted to big firms that want a more digital and agile workforce, how can this be achieved with a workforce of tens of thousands? Plus, what's the changing nature of procurement and what's the importance of collaboration styles?

And of course, we ask the million dollar question - how can firms make innovation an integral part of the way they work?

We also learn about "fin-ology" and why it's important in the modern workplace. Plus, how to foster a decision-making culture and how a "free to think" session might help move your team forwards.

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Special Guests: Andrew Ellis, Peter Ryan-Bell, and Tunde Olanrewaju.