Ep. 153. Insights: The future of banking and disruption

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Ep. 153. Insights: The future of banking and disruption

This week we bring you a very special Insights show, recorded live at BBVA's Global Summit in Madrid, where Simon Taylor hosts a panel to discuss the future of banking and disruption with Marko Wenthin, Leanne Kemp, and Elena Alfaro.

Welcome to this week's Insider show, where Simon hosts a panel on the future of banking, featuring Marko Wenthin, co-founder of solarisBank; Leanne Kemp, founder and CEO at Everledger; and Elena Alfaro, Global Head of Data at BBVA.

Before getting stuck in to the detail, our expert panel discuss the current situation in banking. What are the biggest challenges and why hasn't banking kept up with the pace of technological change and the change in customer behaviour?

How are banks learning to respond to the pace of change, and why shouldn't we just focus on digitising but being truly digital? The panel also explores the evolution of the customer journey and the importance of understanding the customer context. And Elena discusses how data might unlock a truly personalised process.

Leanne delves into the importance of understanding your processes and your customers, and Marko talks about his approach to customer data. And we discuss whether machines can ever replace people in customer interactions, or whether customers will always favour a human touch.

Finally, what does the future hold for banking? What might the customer relationship look like, and who will own it? And how will we be using data and analytics? Listen in to find out!

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Special Guests: Elena Alfaro, Leanne Kemp, and Marko Wenthin.