Ep. 149. Interview: Liesbeth Rigter, MoneYou & Eric Mouilleron, Bankable

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Ep. 149. Interview: Liesbeth Rigter, MoneYou & Eric Mouilleron, Bankable

In a special interview this week, David speaks to Liesbeth Rigter, CEO at MoneYou and Eric Mouilleron, CEO at Bankable, about their partnership and their plans for the future.

This week David talks to Liesbeth about MoneYou, an online European retail bank and subsidiary of ABN Amro. We hear the MoneYou story, including its innovative roots in mortgages and how they added more products and services to evolve with customers across the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Germany.

Liesbeth explains MoneYou's the importance of their pioneering mentality and their target market, including their focus on empowering customers to be in control of their finances. Plus, how MoneYou engage with millennials to shape their products.

David and Liesbeth are joined by Eric to explore the partnership between MoneYou and Bankable. We learn about Bankable's vision to create digital subsidiaries and why they're perceived as the friendliest fintech for incumbents.

So how have MoneYou and Bankable made innovation a part of their identity? We also discuss how the best way to compete is to focus on your customers instead of competitors. And what does the future hold for Bankable?

Plus: number one productivity tips (should it really be ctrl+A and delete?); the power of saying no; how to build superstar teams and keep them motivated; the strength of diversity; and best career advice.

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Special Guests: Eric Mouilleron and Liesbeth Rigter.