144. Live from Xerocon: part 1

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144. Live from Xerocon: part 1

This week, we cover David's time at Xerocon, where he hosted a panel on Frictionless Finance featuring Niall Cameron, Global Head of Digital at HSBC, Caroline Plumb OBE, CEO at Fluidly, Colin Goldstein, Head of Partnerships at iwoca, Stewart Roberts, Executive VP at iZettle, and Shachar Bialick, CEO at Curve.

This week's special edition of Fintech Insider Insights was recorded live at Xerocon 2017 from London's Excel Centre. David hosts a panel on Frictionless Finance, discussing how technology is lowering barriers to entry and we hear how the panelists are tackling friction in finance.

David talks to Caroline about Fluidly's intelligent cashflow technology and her experience at Xerocon, plus we hear from Shachar about the problem that Curve is trying to solve, connecting all cards and accounts in one app, using one card. Next up, Colin talks to us about iwoca, an online lender specialising in small businesses, and about his background in Strategy. Plus, how a partnership with Xero has fueled iwoca's growth and why Xerocon is so important to them. Stewart Roberts explains how iZettle is changing the way small businesses take payments, as well as all the things they can do after that point.

Back on the panel, how does a big bank keep up with its customers' needs and why is it all about connecting people? David also asks about the big pain points for small businesses and some of the solutions, including the importance of saving time, how automation can provide that all-important peace of mind and why it's all about discovery and accessibility.

And there's more - the challenges and opportunities created by open banking; how data will be used in the future; Brexit (you knew it would crop up...);the responsibility of running a marketplace; and where will SME banking be in ten years' time?

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Special Guests: Caroline Plumb, Colin Goldstein, Niall Cameron, Shachar Bialick, and Stewart Roberts.