Ep. 142. Insights: PSD2 Round Table

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Ep. 142. Insights: PSD2 Round Table

Jason Bates talks to Gavin Littlejohn, Mike Kelly, Anita Kimber and Matt Cox about PSD2 - what is it and what does it mean for the industry?

On this episode, Jason talks to: Gavin Littlejohn, Chair of the Financial Data and Technology Association that led the campaign for open banking; Mike Kelly, founder and CEO of Curl; Anita Kimber, Head of Open Banking and Innovation at Nationwide; and Matt Cox, Head of Insight and Innovation at Nationwide.

We get under the skin of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) to ask where did it come from? Our team of experts takes us back to the beginning to explore the genesis of PSD2 in payments and account aggregation, and how this has evolved into today's regulation.

Jason asks how PSD2 is progressing in the UK and how its being implemented. And is PSD2 a threat or an opportunity for incumbents? We discuss the big challenges to implementing PDS2 and how registration for start-ups will work.

What do consumers make of open banking and how can firms illustrate solid use cases to communicate with them? Looking forwards, we ask how the upcoming GDPR legislation will interact with PSD2.

Listen in for all this and much more on the challenges, opportunities and consequences of PSD2.

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Special Guests: Anita Kimber, Gavin Littlejohn, Matt Cox, and Mike Kelly.